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In the company Kovikor, we offer complete solutions in the field of cold forming, as our own tool shop enables flexible production.  We can also offer you tool making services, such as punching erosion, wire erosion, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC grinding.  We can develop CAD-CAM models and provide services according to your wishes.

We offer coating with precote® durable adhesives, which are put on threads and under the screw heads. We apply different materials, such as:  microcapsule-type adhesives, wax, polyamides and acrylates.

Having our own hardening shop, we can be very flexible and we are able to perform hardening for our external contractors as well.  As part of the heat treatment the following processes are carried out: hardening, tempering, cementing, carbonitriding, staged tempering, normalizing, annealing to eliminate internal stresses, soft annealing and induction hardening. All processes are performed in a protective atmosphere in the chamber and continuous furnaces.  In our laboratory, we also have the possibility to measure the tensile strength – Rm, hardness HRC, HV, HRB, microscopy up to 1000-times magnification.   Our lab equipment enables us to prepare the bakelite samples for checking the microstructure under the microscope.