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with Quality

In 2021, we proved our commitment to the environment and obtained the ISO 14001 certificate.

Kovikor d.o.o. received co-financing of eligible costs in 2022 - Certificate voucher. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Dear Business Partner,
We would like to inform you that over very detailed reflection our company has decided to purchase the license for patented threads according to MAThread®.


Our products and services achieve high quality standards.


We can be fully customized to enable every solution of any size and complexity to meet specific requirements.


We produce the products and deliver them to your address in the shortest time possible.


With our own development we provide continuous tracking of the requirements received by our customers.

About company

Martin Knez founded his company in 1984. He began with the production of screws, rivets, bolts and other products made by cold forging press machines.

A small workshop has turned to a big company just in a few years. At the moment we have more than 50 employees. We have grown to a solid collective, whose goal is the quality.  We have enlarged our production facilities five times already and at the moment there are 5.200 square meters of roofed area available.

In the field of cold working we have 35 years of experiences and we are among the most important manufacturers in this field.

TO BECOME the premier system supplier for bigger companies that need development and production of different complex connection elements, compositions and machines for a wide variety of industrial applications.

TO KEEP the position of the diligent, quickly acting and reliable supplier for our customers and to enforce the confidence they have placed in us.
TO ORGANIZE the processes in order to conform the high requirements regarding quality, economic and environment standards and in the same time high added value at lean production.

TO MANUFACTURE and deliver the products ordered by a customer, i.e. with characteristics and in quantities and with a delivery date, requested and confirmed by a customer.

TO FOLLOW TRENDS in ecological and economic business and striving for constant improvement of the environmental protection measures. All production processes will be planned and organized in accordance with these conditions.

Our values are:

- healthy and pleasant human relations;
- constant schooling, knowledge transfer, personal growth and staff team development;
- employees with reasonable skills for the work that they undertake and that they take responsibility for the results of their work;
- healthy and safety working and living space;
- orientation towards the future, new challenges and ideas and constant development and innovation.

Our business process orientation involves:

- satisfaction of our customers
- quick and profitable growth
- market orientation
- export orientation
- increasing the technologic level of the processes
- reduction of costs
- strong business culture
- satisfied employees.