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We manufacture screws, rivets, bolts and other formed parts in accordance with drawings, up to the length 240 mm and of different materials and quality (K 4.6 – 12.9) We guarantee different surface protective coating for all elements. We supply our products with a coating of permanent-strength thread locking adhesive as well.
Tin plated copper contact screw
Spacer screw 10.9
Spacer screw
Long socket screw
Long screw
Tin plated serrated screw
Brass screw
Thread bar
Weld screw
Weld screw 2
Knurled screw
Knurled screw 2
Safety screw
Screw grade 12.9
Screw M5, M6
Screw with a double thread
Screw with plastic
Screw coated with precote®
Flange screw
Screw with torx head
Screw with high deflection
Clinch stud